Born in Indonesia, Anjasmara dived into the world of yoga in 2004 through books and videos, as his goal was to understand meditation through the knowledge of yoga. He improved his yoga and meditation skills in 2013 at “Learn yoga @ GG” under the guidance of Noahmaze and identified his preferred yoga styles, hatha and vinyasa.

Anjasmara believes that yoga is a way to know, learn and build your mind, body and soul. Yoga makes you recognise the best teacher inside you and educates you about acceptance, understanding and loving.

Candace Cabrera Moore

Candace Cabrera Moore is an entrepreneur who believes nothing is impossible. She is the founder of YogaByCandace®, a healthy living media company with a wildly popular blog on healthy living. Her writing skills and deep knowledge of yoga created the yoga book and memoir Namaslay, which expanded to a podcast available on iTunes, Spotify and Google Play. She also founded Mantra Box®, a quarterly discovery box supporting small business in the wellness sphere.

Candace’s projects don’t interrupt her practice, as she is a full time international yoga instructor who leads retreats and yoga teacher trainings. Her teaching is known for being playful, educational, and empowering, as she encourages everyone to live by the Namaslay philosophy – lead your life with love, joy and conviction.

Daniel Morgan

Founded with a belief that the yoga practice doesn’t start and stop on the mat, Dan leads classes that encourage a deeper individual exploration. He developed specialized workshops & CPD Trainings and co-hosts international Yoga Teacher Trainings & Retreats.

With a constantly evolving personal practice that takes inspiration from both traditional and modern teachings, his classes provide a balance of strength and mobility, exploring the anatomical breakdown of postures to help practitioners achieve breakthroughs in their own personal practice. With the ethos ‘teach people, not postures’ and a belief that everybody is unique – he leads a practice that goes beyond the postures.

Having always used a physical practice as a gateway to explore the yoga practice as a dipper way of being, Dan teaches using Yoga asana as a way to ground the present moment, and then as a tool to move deeper into self-understanding, consciousness & awareness.

Sjha’ra Taylor

Sjha’ra Taylor – the founder of Chocolate Yoga, is a powerful, passionate and spirited Kundalini Yoga teacher, teaching throughout Australia and overseas since 2006. She delights in sharing her passion for Kundalini Yoga, Women’s circles, Sacred Ceremony and the holy of holies – Chocolate!

Having worked with Yogis, Shamans, Gurus and Priestesses from around the world for nearly two decades, Sjha’ra began her apprenticeship with the Cacao Deva almost 10 years ago. After working with the Chocolate Shaman and the Cacao Deva herself, Sjha’ra alchemically merged passions and birthed Chocolate Yoga in 2011. Chocolate Yoga is the divine and unique synergy of Cacao Ceremony and Kundalini Yoga. She feels this is the ultimate way to, “Take the journey home to your heart and connect with your true nature!”.

Sjha’ra holds a deeply nourishing sacred space and has a unique gift for bringing healing and transformation through her work.

Tao Porchon-Lynch

A young 99-year-old, Tao Porchon-Lynch is the Guinness World Record certified oldest yoga teacher in the world, still teaching regular classes in New York and also traveling around the world.

Her uncle, who raised her, was a student and follower of Swami Vivekananda, who is credited with bringing yoga to the West in his famous speech to the Parliament of the World Religions event in Chicago on September 11, 1893. Tao absorbed the essence of Vedanta, a school of Hindu philosophy, from her everyday living and her uncle’s many insights.

Tao began pursuing yoga from the early age of eight, and when she hit adulthood she decided to turn it into a full-time profession. Now, having practiced yoga for more than 70 years, she shows no signs of slowing down.

Tao founded the Yoga Teacher’s Association (1979) and the Westchester Institute of Yoga (1982). She has since certified over 1,600 yoga teachers and has led over 35 yoga retreats in Bali, India, Morocco, Peru, and France. She has been an invited guest in places like Sri Lanka, Budapest, and Moscow, and even taught yoga to the Department of Defense personnel at the Pentagon in 2012.

Teresa Kay-Aba Kennedy

Teresa is a Harvard Business School-trained strategist, award-winning author, yoga teacher, transformational specialist, a president at Power Living Enterprises Inc. and a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader – recognizing her “professional accomplishments, commitment to society and potential for shaping the future of the world.”.

As a president of Power Living Enterprises, Inc. she helps people thrive at work and in life by training executives and others integrating modalities such as coaching, mindfulness, positive psychology, yoga, integrative health and energy management.

Called “smart with a heart”, she serves as a National Spokes person for the American Heart Association, and has been featured on the cover of Yoga Journal, in Oprah’s book ‘Live Your Best Life!’, and in various media such as CNN, NBC, Fox TV News, Prevention and SELF.

Terri started playing with yoga at age four and then the practice saved her life when she almost died from an autoimmune disorder in 1997. Her teacher training was at the Integral Yoga Institute and she participated in one of the last Satsang gatherings with Sri Swami Satchidananda before he transitioned. In 2002, she founded the Ta Yoga House, the first yoga studio in Harlem. She served six years on the Board of Yoga Alliance, including Interim CEO and Chair.

Now, Terri travels the globe assisting and moderating ‘Conversation with a Master’ events with 99-year-old Tao Porchon-Lynch. Together they co-authored a book, Dancing Light: The Spiritual Side of Being Through the Eyes of Modern Yoga Master, which has won ten national and international awards. Their second book together, Shining Bright: Images and Quotes to Inspire Optimism, Gratitude & Belief in Your Limitless Potential, was released in 2017.

Yogi Cameron

Yogi Cameron is one of the most celebrated Ayurvedic and Yogic practitioners in the world. Since 2003 he has been taking ancient teachings from India – were he was trained and also lives part time – and bringing them to people around the world through his TV show and other media outlets. He is the author of ‘The Guru In You’ and ‘The One Plan’ and is now bringing you his new book ‘The Yogi Code’, which holds 7 of the most important and powerful teachings of the Yogic path.

Yogi Cameron has been featured on The Dr. Oz Show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Today Show, Extra, E! News, The Insider and many other news and entertainment outlets. He has also been featured in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, ELLE, Vogue, The London Times to name a few. YC is a resident expert on ‘Conversations with Maria Menounos’ on SiriusXM.

Ajith Shankara

Ajith Shankara is an internationally experienced and renowned Yoga Teacher, therapist and founder of the Lotus Holistic Yoga Centre in Dubai, who was born/raised and educated in a southern Indian ashram environment.

Aiming to bring about the organic integration of body and mind, Ajith brings to the Dubai Yoga community his unique approach to yoga postures and techniques to promote the most conducive state of body and mind for healing, optimiszing physical fitness, building resilience to stress, nurturing integral awareness and experiencing happiness.

With humor, love and care for his students, he has been teaching since 2004 to a wide audience from around the world through the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centres and other cities in India. He then brought his unique style to Canada and served for 5 years as mentor/guide and inspiration to many yoga aspirants.

His specialties (besides teaching his unique styles of yoga classes) are helping students heal sports injuries, lifestyle related diseases, spinal health optimisation and solving back problems.

Whether you join his mass classes, small group classes or private classes or yoga therapies, you’re in for a treat!

Carla Julian

Carla Julian comes from an extensive Education & Performing Arts background, which has given her the skills to help children, teenagers and adults strive towards higher levels of physical, emotional, and overall life style achievements and wellbeing.

Trained in Hatha by Conrad Duckworth’s Yoga Professionals, and Jo Manuel’s Children’s Yoga at Special Yoga, she often spends lengthy retreats in Southern India at Sivananda Ashram where she deepens her learning of the Ayurvedic Science. The London educational sector saw piloting Yoga for Children and Teenagers programs run under her guidance in residential stays, personal & social development sessions, referral units, nurseries, and children’s hospitals across London.

Carla left London for Dubai in 2013, pioneering Children’s Yoga in the region. She actively raises awareness and inspires little ones to a happier development, self-esteem, and mindfulness in order to become more successful in all aspects of their life journey through Yoga. She has ignited the ‘Mom & Daughter Yoga’ and ‘Mom & Me Yoga’ across the city, bringing the joy of partner and acro Yoga to strengthen the mother and child bond.

Dana Salbak

Yoga became an essential part of Dana’s life 5 years ago. After building a career in finance and real estate in a fast-paced city, yoga came to the forefront of her life.

Her desire to deepen the practice led her to signing up for 200 hour yoga teacher training. Over 6 months of rigorous studying & application of the philosophy, meditation, breathing & postures, yoga became a lifetime practice for Dana.

Drawing on her experience and sharing her newly found creativity, calmness and balance, Dana started to pursue yoga full time as a teacher and student. Currently she is undertaking a 300 hour training course and is determined to continue evolving her knowledge and skills.


Danielle taught Yoga for 8 years in Cyprus where she founded Yoga Limassol, before joining us here in Dubai 2 years ago, where she has since been our lead instructor.
Danielle draws from her extensive background in Hatha Yoga, Yoga Flow and Power Yoga to weave together a mixture of unique and traditional yoga classes.
Her ethos as a teacher is to bring the student to a place of self-healing – mind, body and spirit are all one and cannot be clearly separated.


Dina has always been drawn to a healthy lifestyle, having had a passion for fitness since her early years, she went from being a ballet dancer to exploring different sports activities until she discovered the importance of body/mind connection through yoga in 2002.

Her teachings are oriented towards building the necessary therapeutic tools in the bodies enabling us to carry our daily activities, pain free. Dina received her 200hr level training from Sivananda Ashram in India and has since studied with various senior global instructors such as Max Strom, Clara Roberts-Oss, Nico Luce, Peewee Sanchez and Julie Martin.

Dina Ghandoor

Dina is a Jivamukti Yoga 300 Hour Certified Teacher and has been sharing her passion through teaching since June 2015. She stumbled across yoga at the age of 15 through a Gaiam home video bought on Amazon and has been hooked ever since. Apart from Jivamukti, Dina also offers Thai yoga massage, meditation, and prenatal yoga.

Prior to teaching, Dina quit her day job in financial PR to launch the UAE’s first yoga and fitness apparel boutique, yApparel, in March 2014. Only a brick and mortar store in the first year, yApparel is now also one of the region’s most popular online stores for everything fitness and fashion in the Middle East. At heart, Dina dedicates her teaching and her practice to help spread joy and compassion to all – making yoga accessible through a safe and uplifting environment.

Dionne James

Dionne has a fresh uplifting style that supports her students in opening up to their highest potential.

In Vinyasa Flow she uses the breath with a creative combination of dynamic flowing movements, peppered with elements of Iyengar’s focus on alignment of the body and some funky tunes to improve strength, flexibility and balance in the body and mind. The students leave the class feeling energised and exhilarated.

Dionne’s yoga experience began over a decade ago where she embarked on her first teacher training course at the Iyengar inspired Ruth White Yoga School. Since then Dionne has trained in many other forms of yoga including Vinyasa Flow, Pregnancy Yoga and Restorative Yoga. Recently she graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition as a health coach. Her journey maintains momentum as she continues to train and teach.

Elaine Kelly

Elaine has been practicing yoga for 25 years and has been working in the fitness industry just as long. Her life mission is to help people live healthier, happier lives. Elaine became a fitness instructor while at university and trained as a group exercise teacher in the early 90s in London, England.

A long-time resident of Dubai, Elaine worked in corporate real estate for 15 years while continuing to teach group fitness classes. In 2010 she completed her 200-hour Vinyasa flow training on the weekends and started teaching early morning classes at Zen Yoga immediately.

That same year she founded Yogafest, the largest wellness festival in the Middle East offering more than 150 free classes over two days in the gardens of Dubai Internet City. Attendance is by donation and all funds raised are given to selected children’s charities.

In 2014 Elaine gave up her role as the head of Real Estate for Microsoft to create more time for teaching and studying yoga. She teaches yoga in nature, on the beach or in her garden from November to May and offers yoga retreats to beautiful places around the world.

Emilie Mikulla

Having contracted a major case of wanderlust, Emilie traveled the world, working as journalist and teaching movement in Thailand, South Africa, San Francisco, and now Dubai.

After two surgeries on her spine, Emilie discovered Pilates and the rest is history.

Emilie is a Certified Orthopedic Manual Therapist, Yoga Therapist, Yoga Tune Up® instructor and Roll Model Method® teacher, an E-RYT and Pilates teacher. Her powerful yet therapeutic classes will help get out of your pain cycle and empower you with the self-care tools you need to keep practicing the activities you love for a lifetime.

Gillian Harper

Originally from Australia, Gill is a mother of 2 and a Lululemon middle east ambassador. After leaving a decade in the field of aviation, Gill decided to change her life and do what makes her happy. After being trained in Thailand she now teachs yoga in Dubai.

Certified with Yoga Alliance, she lovingly guides graceful vinyasa flows and empowers reconnection to one’s authentic self through the wisdom and power of yin. The intention within this type of yoga is to find the balance of our yang lifestyles. Yang can be very energetic, very busy, very active – yin yoga is the opposite; quiet, soft, slow and deep.

Gill’s gentle hypnotic voice and playful energy encourages everyone to let go, trust the process, trust the practice and live their best life!

Harsha Varyani

Harsha strongly believes that yoga is for everyone and can be applied greatly off the mat. His story proves it.

Having a numeric mind and a degree in Bachelor of Accountancy, Harsha got attached to yoga 19 years ago, after his very first Art of Living Program in Joburg, South Africa.

Sri Sri Yoga gave Harsha a clear understanding of what he wants to do in life – teaching yoga. He spent a month with Yoga Acharya Krishan Verm, undertaking 200 hours of Teachers Training. Afterwards he continued his education with Acharya and attended trainings with Yoga Avalon from California, as well as Yoga Ashram and Brian Aganda.

Jo Arganaraz

Jo started yoga at the age of 24 and after 10 years of practicing, recongnised a transformation on a deeper level, a renewed self-belief and a return to the true self.

In the years since, Jo has been teaching yoga in studios around the UAE, inspiring those ready to go deeper on the yoga, collaborating on 15 training 200 hour YTT courses with her mentor Peewee Sanchez (Yogafirst Middle East).

But her true passion was yet to come – Jo woke up to the power and potential of the female body in yoga during pregnancy and the birth of her two children. It led Jo to creating her own global prenatal teacher training school that also offers ‘Yoga of the Feminine’ course to all women.

This exciting chapter in her life became a new page in the history of yoga for the female body and spirit, as well as reawakening to ‘shakti’. Reconnecting to the source of the self, the womb and it’s stories is the path to bliss, peace and respect for self, womenhood and Mother Earth.

Katerina Maskova

As a long-time Yoga practitioner, Katerina naturally gravitated towards becoming a certified teacher of Yoga Alliance Vinyasa Flow Yoga (RYS 200) and subsequently discovered the benefits of using Yoga as a means of building and restoring hormonal health in women of all ages.

Katerina’s passion is to help women achieve their optimum hormonal health. She obtained a Hormone Yoga Therapy teaching certification under the tutorage of HYT’s founder Dinah Rodriguez and has since that time practiced every day.

Laura Farrier

Laura’s journey into Yoga started over 15 years ago. In 2008 she completed her first Teacher training at a Sivananda ashram in India, she then travelled to Mysore in 2009 and in she completed her second training with Ajay Kumar in June 2011. This included an in-depth study of the Ashtanga Vinyasa system, as well as learning safe adjustment techniques for students with all levels of practice. She returns yearly to India to continue her evolvement – practicing and assisting Ajay on his trainings.

Laura has also attended a Vipassana mediation course and worldwide workshops with a variety of senior spiritual teachers. Her 10 years of teaching experience is reflected in her strong student following, successful yoga retreats and valuable corporate and event work.

Linda Chambers Cochrane

Linda is a half Saudi yogi, whose first class as a teacher was a ‘mind & body’ class in 2000. She has been practicing and teaching since then and qualified as a Yoga Teacher from the prestigious Ashiyana Yoga School in Goa.

It can be noticed in Linda’s different styles of practice, that she likes both ends of yoga spectrum, high intensity but also very calm and internal. It gave her an opportunity to create a ‘Hybrid Yoga’ fitness classes, like HIITasana™ and YIN Athlete.

Her specialty in a mix between fitness and yoga made her a Master Trainer for Les Mills BODYBALANCE. Over a thousand of instructors in the Middle East undertook her BODYBALANCE training. She is also an educator and regular presenter at conferences around the world, such as Fitpro Live in the UK.

Linda is one-half of the power couple behind 1SIX8, which is a new brand of revolutionary Boutique Group Training Studios opening throughout the UAE.

Malaika Arora

Malaika Arora is a well-known Bollywood actress, dancer, VJ and television presenter. Having been in the industry for more than a decade, she has been a part of many blockbuster films and the face of many television shows. Known in the industry for her “to die for” sculpted physique, she follows a strict fitness regime ensuring a balance between her body and mind. She joined the Reebok Fashionably Fit Family in June 2017 and has become the face of Reebok India’s International Yoga Day celebrations.


After coming back from serious knee injuries, Megan started yoga as she discovered how inflexible her body was, unable to touch her toes. She started from stretching at home, looking up yoga flows online and discovering a whole new way to move her body. Her compelling way to truly learn her practice came from a self-discovery and self-teaching. It became a habit, a part of Megan’s lifestyle.

Along the way, Megan discovered that yoga is much more than simply the physical asana. It helped her to find self-love, movement to practice peace, stillness to find clarity. This big and diverse world of yoga that connects body and mind kept her practicing on and off her mat for the last 4 years.

Melanie Swan

Melanie has been practicing yoga for more than 10 years and teaching for almost 5. She has found it an empowering, life changing way to not only move her body, but live her life, on and off the mat. Melanie teaches in a way which brings awareness not only to the physical body, but to the mental and emotional aspects of our lives.

Her vinyasa flow classes are dynamic and challenging, but flow with the fluidity that the body is designed to move in. She feels that yoga is something for every ‘body’, and especially vital for those living in a fast paced city like Dubai, its power to heal at a physical and mental level something not to be overlooked. Her style of teaching blends the influences she has discovered over her years of practice, bringing together everything from the more traditional schools of yoga such as Ashtanga and Hatha, to using the inspiration of more modern day teachings from the likes of Julie Martin and Dice Lida-Klein.

Melissa Ghattas

Melissa’s vision towards yoga is one that increases self-awareness, self-respect and love. Bridging the relationship between mind, body and spirit.

Melissa discovered yoga in 2004 during a transitional period of her life and began teaching in Dubai and India in 2010. Her dedication to finding truth within herself translates into a commitment to teach yoga from a place of authenticity and integrity. Melissa’s devotion to yoga continually leads her to explore the practice in its diversity and is continually investing in her studies with her teachers, sharing this inspiration and wisdom with her students. Melissa is an experienced E-RYT 500 yoga teacher known for her dynamic vinyasa flow classes and her integration of the philosophy of yoga into everyday life.

Mira Sarris

Mira Sarris started yoga around two years ago, with no prior experience in any fitness related field. In these few months, beyond the physical improvements in flexibility and strength; yoga has transformed her entirely from the inside out. Her practice is now her life. There is a profound depth to yoga that she longs to explore, and nothing brings her greater joy than being able to share her practice, and spread tranquility, one breath at a time.

Natalia Gomez Carlier

Natalia has a degree in Psychology from Universidad de Los Andes, a Masters in Art Therapy from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and is a Registered Board-Certified Art Therapist with the American Association of Art Therapy. She has practiced as a psychotherapist for more than 15 years in Bogota, Chicago, New York, Muscat and now Dubai.

Natalia started practicing yoga in Muscat through a yoga community that continuously supports her on her journey. Her art education and love to yoga created a beautiful combination. She is practicing art yoga therapy and is able to use and adapt different techniques and modalities according to the needs of each individual, as she is trained in psychodynamics.

Natalia Hassanie

Natalia is the founder and inspiration behind Posetivity. A programme, aimed at a younger audience, that integrates yoga, mindfulness and emotional intelligence to help people overcome social and emotional challenges thrown up in their young lives.

Natalia uses her own life experience of overcoming adversity to help others. Having successfully beaten cancer she has gone on to compete in extreme physical activities, such as the Spartan Race, in order to raise awareness of the disease. Through her company Posetivity she has helped countless people, in addition to inspirational speaking Natalia has an extensive yoga background. She is a qualified in teen yoga, kids and family teacher training, and has spent hundreds of hours training to become a teaching professional in Pranavayu Vinyasa yoga and Hatha yoga.

Nea Ferrier

Nea Ferrier is the founder and principal teacher of Ashtanga Yoga Dubai. She has been teaching international for the last ten years in countries including Australia, China, Japan, Russia and Turkey and Dubai since 2013. Nea is the only KPJAYI level 2 teacher in the UAE. Her experience helped Nea to become a founder of soon-to-open Nilaya House, a traditional yoga shala in the heart of Al Quoz.

Neha Duseja

Neha’s yoga journey began five years ago as a means to balance work life and a rigorous gym workout. After two years of an on-off relationship with Bikram yoga, Neha decided to take on a 30-day yoga challenge. What started as a month of daily practice turned into 200 days non-stop and she’s never looked back since! Going beyond the physical, she realised that yoga is mental stretch.

Stretching limitations, imaginations and possibilities! Her Vinyasa Flow classes are vigorous yet spiritual and focus on alignment, building strength and expanding student knowledge of their own bodies through postures and variations. With a love of teaching, Neha will guide your practice to new depths and a deeper understanding of the philosophy behind the practice. Her training includes YA 200hr training from Absolute Yoga Academy, YR 100hr Advanced Vinyasa training from the Lila School of Vinyasa Yoga and many workshops in various styles of yoga. She also works with experts in other fields like Calesthnics, Hand Balance and Professional Dance and Movement coaches to constantly push her own practice and broaden her knowledge and skill set.

Pierre Ravan

Pierre Ravan is one of the first Spiritual House DJs in the world who has performed in all four corners of the globe. He has incorporated the science of Heartfulness into his musical journey.

Pierre conducts meditation sessions before starting his DJ sets to bring unity amongst the people who come to experience his music in clubs and festivals around the world. He played for some of the fashion world’s most influential designers like, Paco Rabanne, Dolce & Gabbana, Roberto Cavalli, Thierry Mugler, Jean Paul Gaultier, MAC, Estee Lauder, Sean John, DKNY, Agent Provocateur, Galliano & Trussardi, to name a few.

Having been on the international DJ circuit now for well over a decade, Pierre is a well-respected DJ, Producer and Remixer who brings a different variety of House Music he likes to call Spiritual House. This is the perfect fusion of his individual emphatic energy, ancient Persian heritage and a feel for the global dance-floor.

Prem Amit

Prem opened doors to the yoga world when he was still a child, with a help of his grandfather, a Yoga Teacher based in Chennai, and since then he never stopped practicing. In College days, Prem started with Transcendental Meditation and then continued going deeper in meditations and spiritual inner farming work learning new modalities to reach the inner stillness and silence. In that process Prem started sessions on Laughter, Sound Vibration Healing, Sufism & Tantra Practices. His core goal is to help people connect with themselves and to live a life to its full potential and celebrate every day of life.

Since 2013, Prem has been a part of UAE Meditates group that organizes free community sessions on Meditations, Yoga and Alternate forms of Healing.

Rahul Nag

Born and raised in India, Rahul has been practicing yoga for 8 years. Daily yoga practice became a way of his life, when living and studying in International Sivananda ashram of yoga and Vedanta studies in Rishikesh India. To improve his knwoldege of human bidy and mind, Rahul studied physiology and anatomy in International Therapy Examination Council (ITEC), UK.

Rahul became a teacher of various kinds of yoga in Talise Spa across Jumeirah Hotels. He is also a certified sound healing master working with body chakras, using different kind of singing bowl to help heal the body, mind and emotions. This session helps bringing people back into balance and promoting good health, happiness and prosperity.

Sara Fakhouri

Sara’s path to the ancient acts of healing began at 13,000 feet off of the ground. She sought after those fleeting moments of stillness one experiences while in free fall during skydiving. These precious moments where the only sounds you hear are the sounds of your breath and the collective noise of the universe. Her need to feel connected to earth and the energy of our universe was only actualized by the exaggerated movement of jumping out of a plane to land on earth with both feet planted on the ground. But a healing trip with friends to a yoga retreat in Thailand was all it took for her to realise that observing your breath on the mat, and harmonizing that breath with physical movement was a powerful act of connectedness matched by none, not even skydiving between the heavens and earth. This experience triggered a series of explorations into ancient healing practices using different modalities including external healing through Feng Shui, and internal healing via Yoga and Reiki.

Sara became an advanced classical Feng Shui practitioner and graduated from the Chinese Metaphysics School in Hong Kong. But she didn’t stop on this and qualified for a Yoga Alliance Certified teacher with 200 hours of teacher training with Inquire + and Inspire by Erica Blitz of Toronto, and 100 hours of advanced Vinyasa teacher training with Nico Luce and Clara Roberts at the Lilo School of Vinyasa Yoga.

Sara leads community yoga sessions at Lululemon Athletica, and frequently leads wellness workshops for corporate companies and sports events like Puma Women.

Sherif Elmoghazy

From the hippie to the royal, from the kids to the kings! Sherif has been fortunate enough to perform in hundreds of shows and events in many countries in front of thousands of human beings from all levels, diverse backgrounds who share one love of peace and unity.

Sherif is an Egyptian multi-instrumentalist world musician, a desert soul, and been over 4000 hours diving under the water of the Red Sea. He has a deep sense of consciousness and harmonic spiritual approach in composing music which is mainly focused around the “HandPan”.

Simi Sharma

Simi Sharma has been practicing advanced methods of meditation for over 25 years. She has Masters in Human Development and as an educationist and an entrepreneur; she is the founder director of an international Schools in Navi Mumbai as well as UAE.

Having practiced Jyoti Meditation as taught by Science of Spirituality from an early age, she is strongly believer in the power of meditation and spirituality in everyday life. Passionate about meditation and child-centered education, she conducts Diploma courses and workshops for teachers as well as parents. She presently also conducts seminars and workshops that unravel the benefits of meditation and empowerment in everyday life.

Stephanie Mulet

Growing up as a dancer I always loved to express myself through movement, so finding Yoga in my older years was a natural transition.
I tried many different styles of Yoga over the years since I was 18 but I found my consistent daily practice with Bikram Yoga in 2010. It was then I knew I wanted to become a Yoga teacher one day. I liked the strictness and heat of Bikram style Yoga at first. It makes you work hard and you can become more flexible quite fast but after 4 years of it I needed to move on from practicing only those same 26 poses.

I tried many different Yoga classes throughout Dubai and fell in love with Vinyasa flow style because the classes were always different and flowed with music like contemporary dancing. In 2014 and I took my Vinyasa Yoga teacher training with ETA college in Dubai. 

Vibindas Ainikal

Vibin’s involvement with Yoga began in 2000. Vibin thirst for Yogic knowledge took him to many ashrams all around India where he studied traditional scriptures of Yoga, traditional Martial Arts Kalari and Karate, Yoga and Ayurveda, Pranayama, shadkarma, Panchakarma, Yoga for Weight loss,Yoga Anatomy, Clinical Yoga Therapy including treating Diabetes, Arthritis, Obesity, Back pain, and Digestive Problems.

He is a passionate, inspiring and a highly skilled teacher dedicated to uplifting his students. Vibin not only uses Yoga as an accurate and therapeutic science but also as a creative and graceful art. His approach aims to strengthen your body also heal and increase its flexibility while simultaneously cultivating the mind & spirit.

Vijay Sharma

Born and raised in India with yogi family, Vijay has been practicing yoga and reiki for 14 years. Daily yoga practice was a way of life when he lived and studied in the ashram Bihar school of yoga in India and his yoga preferences formed around hatha, children yoga, vinyasa, shivananda, meditation, singing bowl meditation, sound therapy.

He started his yoga career in Dubai after joining Madinat Jumeirah in 2007 where her became a leading yoga teacher. He is the leading teacher at Madinat Jumeirah’s monthly Full Moon Yoga and practices reiki to help heal the body and emotions, bring people back into balance and promote health, happiness and prosperity.

Vipinkumar Rajan

I started my yoga journey in my childhood with my brother who is also a yoga teacher. The mental and physical benefit of my yogi lifestyle are a God sent that I will cherish for my whole life. I feel that my life goal is to share this. Life changing experience with my student so that they can see their limits and beyond them. And eventually deeply understand themselves, from both spiritual and perspective. I am proud to be a teacher, who applies his knowledge and skills in his/her everyday life and preaches what one practices.

Yasmine Khattab

Yasmine started practicing yoga in 2007, being an undergraduate student in the U.S. and was simultaneously working a demanding teaching job. Yoga became a daily getaway that was giving her more strength, motivation and balance. It was her love at first sight.

With time, Yasmine explored and perfected different types of yoga: Vinyasa, Hatha, restorative yoga, Bikram, hot Vinyasa, and even Sridaiva. She never stopped evolving her knowledge and practice by attending various yoga workshops and reading an educational yoga literature.

After moving to Dubai in year 2016 she successfully completed yoga teacher-training certificate at one of the most popular yoga studios in Dubai. Since then Yasmine has been teaching yoga, though she believes she will remain a student of yoga forever.

Zainab Ali

There are two important yoga chapters in Zainab’s life – she practices both kids and adult yoga. Zainab started from herself – born and raised in sunny Dubai, she took off for her yoga journey in 2014 – looking to balance a hectic corporate life, and the very first yoga class changed a lot.

Zainab completed her children’s yoga training with Groovy Kids Yoga in 2015, as combining her passion and love of yoga with her fondness of children seemed like the perfect combination. She is a strong advocate of introducing yoga to children when young and providing them with the opportunity to participate and grow in a non-competitive and encouraging environment. Her classes include imaginative stories, creative engaging games and of course, tons of fun and laughter! She is a 200 Hour Yoga Alliance certified teacher and has been practicing Ashtanga yoga daily for the last four years.


Zarine Dadachanji became a facilitator for Guided Visualizations and Gong and Sound Meditations, after being a primary school teacher for 35 years.

Zarine specializes in guiding people through visualizations on various potent topics during the sessions. The sessions are then followed by playing on the gongs, singing bowls and other sound instruments. Zarine never stops evolving her skills in the Way of the Gong with the Grand Gong Master, Don Conreaux, amongst others. Zarine is also an energy intuitive and does Space Clearings as well as Golden Energy Healings.

Her sessions are for children and adults of all nationalities, individuals and groups, schools (staff/admin and students), as well as corporates and government departments and offices.