Acro Team

AJ Shreim:

AJ started yoga to overcome a slip disk in his lower back that caused him a lot of pain and more than a year of sleepless nights. It was recommended to do stretching by his Osteopath and yoga was a recommended exercise. He started yoga then and  fell in love with it. And he keeps falling in love with it everyday.

An interesting fact about AJ in his own words:

I am an engineer by profession



Giulia Cavallari:

Giulia tried AcroYoga because a friend absolutely wanted to try, she never went back and he fell in love with it and the awesome people in the community immediately. AcroYoga helped him cohabit with his fear of heights, slowly and consistently building trust and friendships. The Dubai community has been his first family away from home when he landed in a new country.

An interesting fact about Giulia in her own words:

I never practice acroyoga in my home country.



Vipin Methasery:

Vipin started Yoga at a very young age while in school and got his first training in the year 2001. Since then he’s been practicing, teaching and learning multiple classes, courses, workshops, YTT’s.

Yoga is his medicine, it has and keeps helping him physically, mentally and emotionally.

An interesting fact about Vipin in his own words:

An adventurous being…

Arash Behzadi

Yoga’s transformative power changed Arash’s life.

“I’m a different person now,” he says. “I’m a lot more calm and grounded and more fit physically. Negative elements no longer affect me. We are all exposed to negativity, be it illness, work or relationships. We all need healing. That is what yoga has done for me in the challenges I have had to face. As has my music.”

The tranquility and insight of yoga that have enriched his life are gifts he is now passionate about sharing with others by introducing his music into the intimate environment of group yoga practice.

The inspiration for this novel approach came about spontaneously during his own group yoga practice when in an impromptu moment, he improvised a few minutes of tranquil music during Savasana, the time of relaxation at the end of the class. Participants could physically feel the piano’s vibrations through the floor. Some were moved to tears.

“It touches people,” Arash says. “Music helps create a place of spiritual mindfulness and tranquility, opening the heart and healing both body and soul.”


An interesting fact about Arash in his own words:

As a Canadian Iranian whose musical evolution has its beginnings in traditional Persian folk music, Arash has shaped his unique piano compositions, transcending over time into a unique and very personal direction. He understands that music can create social change. That it’s fundamental to who we are as humans. And it’s fundamental to the gift Arash wants to share with the world.

Awakening Prema (Renato Koch & Ana Palma)

Expand your heart connection Sound Healing Meditation. We will guide you in an inner transformative journey with magic sounds to expand your self love , courage and trust, bringing your perception to your natural state of abundance, harmony and joy.

An Interesting fact about Renato and Ana in their own words:

We are a couple sharing our genuine love energy through our sound journeys, therapies, workshops, courses and retreats, balancing the male and female energy expression in a process of expansion, balance and integration


Babak Torabi is an Iranian Canadian musician who has been playing the guitar for over 20 years. It wasn’t long before he realized his passion for playing ambient and improvised music and his ability to allow people to experience deep levels of peace through his music. This led Babak to perform for yoga and yoga nidra classes and ambient music concerts in Canada, USA, Bali, Kuwait, and UAE.

An interesting fact about Babak in his own words:

I’ve studied Herbalism.

Carla Julian

Carla Julian left London for Dubai in 2013, pioneering Children’s Yoga in the region. She actively raises awareness and inspires little ones to a happier development, self-esteem, and mindfulness; in order to become more successful in all aspects of their life journey through Yoga. She is the avid Holistic Influencer amongst her circle, and has converted many students into a Yoga practice due to its Therapeutic benefits. Although she specializes in private clientele training, mainly through Yoga Therapy based & Pilates techniques, she has brought in “Sensory Yoga” for children with needs to the Emirates, as well as ignited “Mother & Daughter Yoga” & “Mom & Me Yoga” across Dubai, bringing the joy of partner and Acro Yoga to strengthen the mother & child bond.

Carla comes from an Education & Performing Arts background, which has given her the skills to help children, teenagers and adults strive towards higher levels of physical, emotional, holistic & overall lifestyle achievements & well-being. London trained in Hatha by Conrad Duckworth’s Yoga Professionals, and Jo Manuel’s Children’s Yoga at Special Yoga, she also trained in BSY Pilates & Mindfulness in UK; skills she combines beautifully in her sessions & workshops. She enjoys spending lengthy retreats in Southern India at Sivananda Ashram where she deepens her Ayurvedic Science learning.

London’s educational sector piloted Yoga for Children & Teen programs run under her guidance in residential, personal & social development sessions, referral units, nurseries, & children’s hospitals across the city.

An interesting fact about Carla in her own words:

I am left handed

Dana Salbak

Yoga has been a part of Dana’s life for over 5 years now. With a career in Finance and Real Estate, living in a fast-paced city leading a particularly active lifestyle, time on the mat always left her feeling physically & mentally at ease. This led her to dabbling in a number of trainings & workshops: Yin Yoga, inversions & backbends, meditation, gong healing, weekend immersions.

Fast forward a number of years later and it was time to deepen her practice, so in early 2017 she signed up for her 200 hour therapeutics yoga teacher training. Over 6 months of rigorous studying, application of the philosophy, meditation, breathing & postures, she began to view yoga as a lifetime practice, one that transcends fitness.

Her sessions combine the fundamental aspects of yoga: meditation, breathing practices and the physical asana practice. These are designed to help you discover & learn all there is about your own bodies & work through any specific limitations. Her goal is for you to leave with the necessary self-care tools required to lead an active & pain-free lifestyle.


After a 20-year career in business, finance, and mergers and acquisitions, davidji began a new journey to wholeness, apprenticing under Deepak Chopra for 10 years as his lead educator and the dean of his university, where he trained more than 200,000 people to meditate and certified more than 1,000 meditation teachers. He has since left the Chopra Center to teach the practical integration of stress management, mindful performance, meditation, and conscious choice making into our real-world, modern-day experiences. For more than 15 years davidji has helped thousands of people around the world to perform at higher levels, become more reflective and less reflexive, make better decisions, sleep better, enhance their relationships, experience abundance, and live purpose-driven lives. davidji is a certified Vedic Master, and every month, throughout the world, he hosts empowerment workshops, life-change immersions, transformational spiritual retreats, and teacher trainings.

An interesting fact about Davidji in his own words:

davidji has a passion for working with entrepreneurs, business leaders & those in high-pressure, high-stress situations. His teachings on stress release, conflict resolution, and mindfulness are now practiced in many of the top Fortune 500 companies, the US and Dutch militaries, and some of the largest police precincts and academies in the United States.

Deepika Mehta

Deepika started Yoga after a terrible rock climbing accident she had in 1998, she pursued the path of Yoga to take her deeper into healing herself. She finally discovered Ashtanga in 2002 and learned from Guruji, Shri. K. Pattabhi Jois, and have continued to learn and study with various teachers ever since. Sharath Jois is now her teacher. She is an authorised Level 2 teacher from Kpjayi.

An interesting fact about Deepika in her own words:

I am actually a very slow learner, nothing comes easy to me, I have to really work hard to pick up any new skills or learn a new pose.

Dina Cassir

Dina has always been drawn to a healthy lifestyle! Having had a passion for fitness since her early years, she went from being a ballet dancer to exploring different sports activities until she discovered the importance of body/mind connection through yoga in 2002.

Her teachings are oriented towards building the necessary therapeutic tools in the bodies enabling us to carry our daily activities, pain free.

Dina received her 200hr level training from Sivananda Ashram in India and has since studied with various senior global instructors such as Max Strom, Clara Roberts-Oss, Nico Luce, Peewee Sanchez and Julie Martin.

Her efforts in raising awareness about living a healthy lifestyle continue with her classes across various studios in and online at www.lilyfit.com

An interesting fact about Dina in her own words:

I’m an archaeologist turned to a yogini!


Luckily through his life, DJ Melu have always been surrounded by alternative people who constantly seemed preoccupied with finding and doing more about life.

He have discovered Yoga in Dubai, paired with his obsession with music it fully opened a new door to for him to jump into a Sound Healing/Therapy practitioner journey.

Interesting fact about DJ Melu in his own words:

I have (mostly) quit my old adventurous life and currently dedicating my time and resources into becoming a proficient energy healer myself.


Emilie Mikulla

Having contracted a major case of wanderlust, Emilie traveled the world, working as journalist and teaching movement in Thailand, South Africa, San Francisco, and now Dubai. After two surgeries on her spine, Emilie discovered Pilates and the rest is history… Emilie teaches Yoga, Pilates and self-massage with a focus on athletes as well as re-hab and pre-hab students; and, she teaches anatomy for Yoga and fitness teacher trainings. Emilie is also a certified clinical orthopedic manual therapist and co-owner of The Mindful Body, a health and wellness platform that bridges the gap between healthcare and movement.

Emilie’s powerful yet therapeutic classes will help get out of your pain cycle and empower you with the selfcare tools you need to keep practicing the activities you love for a lifetime.

An interesting fact about Emilie in her own words:

Huge sci-fi fan ever since I was a kid.

Emma Waldron

Whilst working as a dance lecturer and choreographer, Emma along with her students created many emotive pieces of choreography. Many of her students over the years experienced problems such as anxiety, depression, eating and sleeping disorders. Emma begun addressing these subjects within her practical classes, finding ways of integrating the issues into creative work and guiding her students through personal explorations in self-expression. Her students responded extremely positively to this, they began to notice the benefits gained through therapeutic movement and heightening body awareness, recognising the connection between mind and body. Through working closely with her dance students and studying movement intensely, she came to realise that how we sit, stand and move often demonstrates what is really happening inside our bodies. During these heart felt years of teaching dance, she discovered her love for using movement as a powerful form of therapy. In the summer of 2012 Emma turned to yoga for some much needed healing and booked onto a yoga retreat. After this beautiful and restorative experience, she began to spend more and more time on her yoga mat, using yoga as medicine. She now teaches yoga (privates, pre natal and post natal and retreats), yoga dance and face yoga, inspiring others feel to happier in the skin that they are in.

An interesting fact about Emma in her own words:

I am also a dancer and choreographer.

Garth Hewitt

Garth is a well-known 500hr E-RYT teacher, teacher trainer, certified Dharma Yoga teacher, certified Yogaworks teacher, and a yoga therapist, completing the Yoga Therapy Rx program, with Dr. Larry Payne, at Loyola Marymount University.  He has completed teacher training with Sri Dharma Mittra, Srivatsa Ramaswami, Annie Carpenter, Jill Miller, & practiced in Mysore, India with the Patthabi Jois family.  He has been featured in, and contributes regularly to, Yoga Journal, Men’s Health Magazine, Mantra Magazine, Yoganonymous, and LA Yoga.  Garth currently leads classes, workshops, retreats, and teacher training all over the world.  His signature ‘Shiva Vinyasa®’ & ‘Shiva Power®’ classes focus on setting intentions, practicing gratitude, concentration, surrender, and quieting the mind.  He also teaches Shiva Meditation® classes, pranayama, and yoga nidra, and sees students privately for Yoga Therapy sessions.

An interesting fact about Garth in his own words:

Born and raised in Canada.

Heba Nayef

At the advice of her therapist, Heba took up yoga to help coping with the loss of loved ones, and homeland.

Although she had her reservations at first, since yoga was reserved by models, athletes and wellness aficionados – or so she thought.

Yoga’s practice of syncing oneself to the universe via the flow of energy throughout the body had been transformative, both physically and psychologically: it puts her in a trance-like state; and brought her closer to God. Every time she reaches with her hands to the sky, spread her arms in a warrior or round myself in a child pose, it’s a chance for her to learn, grow, open up and persist. Yoga is one of the best decisions she took and a reminder of why she shall remain open-minded.

Life in Dubai is a bit of a race which is why in adult classes, she aims to help students to slow down, root in presence, develop awareness and honor themselves.

In kids classes, she takes the kids on a journey to develop body awareness, manage stress and build concentration. She aspires to boost their confidence and positive self-image which is critical at their age.

An interesting fact about Heba in her own words:

I represented the UAE at the Microsoft Imagine Cup in Washington, USA.

The Microsoft Imagine Cup is an annual competition which brings together student developers from all across the globe to help resolve some of the world’s toughest challenges.

Janet Stone

At seventeen a friend introduced her to Prem Rawat and there began the practice of meditation in her life. It wasn’t until very many years later amidst her multi-sporting, mountain biking, surfing, snowboarding obsessions that she traveled to India, the birthplace of my grandfather, and found asana practice through the Sivananda lineage and from there, it felt as if yoga was everywhere she went.

An interesting fact about Janet in her own words:

Before Yoga, I worked in Hollywood, including knowing Garry Shandling.


Kate was born in Ukraine, she was active and loved physical training since early age in dance, gymnastics, swimming. In the age of 16 she moved to Russia and studied Choreography and finished the Institute of Culture & Art, diploma as a choreographer master of ballet. That path led her to teaching classes such as dancing Aerobics, Stretching, Body-ballet, Belly dancing, Tae-Bo, Step -aerobics, Barre, Pilates etc. In 2010 she started her Yoga career. She has studied under teachers such as Yaroslav Karaaba, Andrey Siderskiy, Ravinder Jangra, Sadhguru Vasudev and Sunil Singh.  Kate adores her job as a yoga teacher and she says she can’t call it work, it’s a pure blessing, joy and happiness and based on unconditional love. She is so grateful to share her experience and knowledge with the yoga family and being in the yoga community! Kate teaches all styles of yoga with great enthusiasm.

An interesting fact about Kate in her own words:

Once was having a truly sacred experience in Himalayas in holy place Of Gaumukh cold swimming in ice river of Ganga and it was Priceless experience, near Shivalingam Mountain one of the must Places in yoga journey:)

Laura Farrier

Laura’s journey into Yoga started 12 years ago and typically focused on Asanas (the physical aspect of the practice). Seeking out Yoga in each country that she lived in she began to develop an awareness and appreciation of the inner peace that it ultimately brings into life.

In January 2008 she travelled to India where she completed her first TTC in the Sivananda ashram, in Kerala, where she would end up spending 8 months; an experience that opened her up to the study of scriptures, Kirtan, Karma Yoga, as well as teaching Asana.

Her belief that we as teachers must continually evolve and learn, once again led her to Mysore, India in 2009 and this was where, in May 2011, she completed her Ashtanga Yoga training with her teacher Ajay Kumar.  This included an in depth study of the Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga system as well as learning safe adjustment techniques for students with all levels of practice. She now returns yearly to continue her evolvement; practicing, and assisting Ajay on his teacher trainings, and practices with Stewart Gilchrist when in London.

An interesting fact about Laura in her own words:

I used to work as an underwater videographer.

Laura Sykora

Laura accidentally began my yoga journey 21 years ago in the basement of her sister’s house. Bored while babysitting, she found a yoga VHS tape and decided to try it. Little did she know that it would set her on a completely different life path. After sharing her practice on her Instagram, she finally found the courage to pursue teaching! Inspired to share her knowledge and experiences, she received her 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher certification with the Yoga Alliance® in 2013. She received her certification through Yoga in the World and is currently working towards her RYT-500 certification through High Energy Fusion Yoga® under the guidance of her teacher Victoria Arvizu. She is also certified to teach Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) Yoga and ACROVINYASA, which is a form of AcroYoga.!

An interesting fact about Laura in her own words:

I’m petrified of public speaking. Doesn’t really go with being a yoga teacher!


Livia Anzaldo

A mum of  3 boys, Livia have started her Yoga journey being mentally exhausted by a corporate life and Yoga was her saving grace.  Very curious of how wonderful it made her feel, she learnt more and more the discipline and decided to travel to India for 3 months back in 2007.  There she qualified as a Teacher and she have not stopped since!

An interesting fact about Livia in her own words:

Love being busy but finding peace on the mat!

Master Can

When he was 7 years old he went to Shaolin temple to learn KungFu, Tai Chi and Qigong.

At the age of 17 years old he won the Chinese Kung Fu Champion across all China.

Now, teaching and traveling all around the world.

Melanie Swan

Yoga has been a huge part of Melanie’s life through the ups and downs of this journey, from losing her mother to losing her job. It keeps her grounded and evolving as a better human being.

An interesting fact about Melanie in her own words:

I am a writer by trade and words are my passion.

Nancy Zabaneh

Nancy had been practicing Hatha Yoga for 10 years before Kundalini Yoga came into her life. Now, nearly 9 years since her first encounter with the practice, she wholeheartedly believes it is one of the best things that ever happened to her. She practices Kundalini Yoga because she sees the benefits of greater mental, emotional and spiritual flexibility. The physical postures are just vehicles for the agility and mind strength training. Kundalini Yoga is an exquisite technology, which offers tools to develop the grit, grace and endurance necessary to navigate the challenges of our time and realize inner harmony. The practice has served her profoundly and helped to transform her life.
Nancy draws from a diverse background in international relations, communications, emotional intelligence and yogi science to create meaningful programs designed to inspire, promote self awareness and facilitate positive change. She helps others cultivate strength and vitality by combining rigorous physical practice with mindful inward focus.
Supporting others to take empowered action to live a full and healthy life in the present moment is one of the primary goals of Nancy’s work. Known to many by her spiritual name Hari Darshan Kaur, she believes that if we have conquered ourselves, we have conquered the world.

An interesting fact about Nancy in her own words:

There has been no greater tool than Kundalini Yoga to fuel my energy, foster my empathy and ignite my discipline. This inner balance propels me toward opportunities, people and experiences that reflect what I need to do and where I must serve to the best of my ability.

My work has led me to disadvantaged parts of the world, including to Palestine, where I trace my roots. As a political scientist who has worked in strategic communication and public affairs, I have a calling to collaborate with people across the wartorn countries of the Middle East, to foster conflict resolution, healing and empathy for the other. I am currently working on community projects that will take me to those disenfranchised environments. I realize now, more than ever, that I can’t wait until conditions are perfect to begin. I know that just beginning my work, however seemingly ‘small’, carries within it, it’s own perfection.


Nicole is a 800 Hr certified International Yoga teacher & 1000 Hr certified systematic & holistic Life-coach from Vienna, now based in Dubai. About ten years ago Nicole found her passion for Yoga and healthy living. Since then her journey leaded her to many different teachers and yoga styles all over the world and her own Yoga Studio in Austria. Her teaching style is very creative mixing all different kinds of yoga styles(Anusara, Jivamukti, Ashtanga, Hatha, Yin, Yang, Shivananda, Flow) and healing technics.(field of consciousness, trauma work, chakra healing, classic systematic techniques) As a mother of two beautiful boys she knows the importance of finding balance in every day life. For Nicole, Yoga is a way of living in every day life.

An interesting fact about Nicole in her own words:


Pierre Ravan

Heartfulness is all about living by the Heart. The purpose of Heartfulness Meditation is to reconnect to our higher Self within, so as to reveal the infinite potential of the heart. As we learn to meditate deeply, let go of all mental complexities and tune in to the heart, a sense of inner balance and calmness emerges.

The whole exercise of fine- tuning the heart with the mind happens through meditation on the heart. Heartfulness nurtures the qualities of love, unity, peace, harmony, moderation, joy, oneness, intuition, creativity and courage. These very human qualities transform our relationships with our families, friends, co-workers, the rest of humanity, and with the world around us. They are the qualities associated with Emotional Intelligence and Social Intelligence.

Heartfulness is a set of simple meditative practices based on the traditions of Raja Yoga, and tailored for modern-day living. They include relaxation, meditation, detoxification of the mind, and connection with our own Source. The specialty of Heartfulness is Yogic Transmission, an ancient yogic technique that brings natural change from within. Through Heartfulness you will learn to communicate more openly and nurture fruitful, healthy relationships. And you will learn how to create such stillness in your mind that your consciousness is able to soar into different realms and dimensions, awakening a potential you didn’t know existed, except perhaps somewhere in the lost wonder of childhood. The basic Heartfulness Practice comprises 2 key techniques: – Heartfulness Relaxation & Heartfulness Meditation.

– Heartfulness Relaxation: A simple 5-minute exercise, which helps one relax, de-stress and prepare the ground for meditation. (That can be done to kids from whenever they can seat and even Kids like my son can conduct this to other kids)

– Heartfulness Meditation: A simple heart based meditation where in we tune into the heart. One of the unique features of the Heartfulness meditation is Yogic Transmission which helps the practitioner of meditation center within oneself.

The Heartfulness Institute has a worldwide presence in more than 150 countries, and can help seekers to follow up and visit the Heart Spots after completing their 3 free of charge sessions through a Heartfulness trainer (like Pierre Ravan) For more info log on: http://en.heartfulness.org/

Ramshad Ahmed

An extremely energetic and outgoing with collaborative spirit and also a Motivated Yoga Teacher with advanced training and specialization in different styles of yoga, especially Heartfulness Yoga, and knowledge in nutrition, acupressure and Sports Physio. Conducted many workshops for corporates, yoga retreats and been teaching yoga from past 12 years in India, Armenia and UAE

I enjoy inspiring other to improve wellness and commit to a long term health and fitness goals, tuned with Inner well being through Heartfulness Yoga.

Ramshad is as well Founder of Nirvana Yoga Dubai and Managing Director of Vivekananda Yoga Global – Dubai (industry partner of S-vyasa University)

Roudha Al Marri

Roudha have started yoga after she saw the change in her son who was 3 years at the time. He’s an only child and felt that he always wanted to be the center of attention even around other kids. She wanted him to respect people’s spaces and be mindful about his feelings. She saw dramatic change just in few weeks. That’s when she decided to start her yoga journey and the transformation began. She always owe it to yoga to teach her how to give herself and love herself more. How her understanding to the energies around her even in the simplest thing such as breathing opened for her so many possibilities in her life. She practice yoga for 3 years and did many thorough workshops in other types of yoga. Sound healing and laughter yoga were among few.

1.5 years ago, she decided to pursue her yoga teacher training and she became a 200hr certified yoga teacher. she started as self-practice then moved to teaching family and friends. Now she have 3 classes each week with 32 students that fulfills her week with joy.

An interesting fact about Roudha in her own words:

Alongside my passion for yoga. I am a published author. My newest published book is “UAE 101 Stories and Cultural Learning”. An Emirati guide about the culture and why we do the things we do in 101 topics. In addition, I have a yoga blog where I write about the soul and the mind. The drifts and the waves of thoughts. To sum it up, I always carry in my purse a notebook and a pen, preferably black.

Sara Fakhouri

Sarah’s path to the ancient acts of healing began at 13,000 feet off of the ground. She sought after moments of stillness while in free fall during skydiving, where the only sounds you hear are the sounds of your breath, and the collective noise of the universe. Her need to feel connected to earth and the energy of our universe was only actualized by the exaggerated movement of jumping out of a plane to land on earth with both feet planted on the ground. But a healing trip to a yoga retreat 6 years ago in Thailand was all it took for her to realize that observing your breath on the mat, and harmonizing that breath with physical movement was a powerful act of connectedness matched by none, not even skydiving between the heavens and earth. This experience triggered a series of explorations into ancient healing practices including Feng Shui, Yoga, and then Reiki that lead to a formal training in all practices.

Sara has obtained her advanced classical Feng Shui Practitioner Certification from her master in Hong Kong and has gone through professional training and excursions in one of the most prominent cities in Feng Shui Studies. She encourages her clients and students to seek knowledge on this topic from recognised traditional Feng Shui resources.

As a certified Feng Shui & Reiki practitioner and Yoga instructor, Sarah’s life calling is to help others connect. She facilitates the transformation of homes using the ancient science of placement, or Feng Shui, and leads weekly classes and workshops in various places. She also teaches community classes at the Lululemon stores in Dubai. Sarah invites you to unravel the mysteries of connectedness and promises that you can achieve without needing a parachute.

Sara invites you to unravel the mysteries of connectedness and promises that you can achieve without needing a parachute.

An interesting fact about Sara in her own words:

I started playing piano when I was 4 years old Jumping out planes brought some sort of peace to my mind. It eventually helped me to start meditating and then become a yoga instructor.

Sophie Dialkova

Sophie first encountered Yoga in Scotland in 2006 but she could not bond with the practice until 2016 when she went to Bali and there she found her love for it. Her practice has helped her grow stronger, more flexible and courageous, both on and off the mat. Yoga taught her that she can achieve anything she sets her heart on.

An interesting fact about Sophie in her own words:

I speak 4 languages

Suzanne Grennell

It began in the mountains of Ubud on the paradise isle of Bali in 2012. While Suzanne wasn’t very flexible or fit at the time, she felt entranced by the rhythmic flow of the movements and the way in which she could work her breath into the flow. She loved that she had found a way to exercise that felt entirely personal and kept her in the present moment. She wasn’t watching the clock waiting for the pain to end, like she would in a gym. Seven years later, she’s stronger & fitter and still in awe of how yoga enables her to forever go deeper.

An interesting fact about Suzanne in her own words:

I (proudly) represented the Arabian Gulf in the Women’s Rugby World Cup in 1994 😊

Sherif Elmoghazy

Sherif Elmoghazy is an Egyptian multi-instrumentalist, world musician, TEDx speaker, Arab’s Got Talent finalist and a desert soul. He has a deep sense of consciousness and spiritual harmonic approach in composing his music which is mainly focused around the ancient sounds of “HandPan” and nature. “Handpan” is an extremely beautiful and mesmerising handmade instrument that was just invented in 2001 in Bern

From kids to kings, Sherif has performed in hundreds of shows, festivals and events all over the world in front of hundreds of thousands of human beings from all backgrounds who share one love of peace and unity.

An interesting fact about Sherif in his own words:

Master scuba diver trainer with over 4000 logged dives

Zarine Dadachanji

Zarine’s journey with Nada Yoga and Sound began when she resigned from teaching in an International School in Dubai. She fell in love with the Gongs and other sound instruments the first time she attended a session facilitated by a friend, who later became her teacher. She continued her training with her teacher, the Grand Gong Master, Don Conreaux. The learning never ends. She continue studying The Way of The Gong with him and other Gong teachers. She facilitate guided Sound Immersion sessions for children and adults of all nationalities, in schools, centers, homes and corporates, government offices and ministries, all over the UAE and have facilitated in England, France, San Diego, Karachi and Kuwait.

An interesting fact about Zarine in her own words:

I love to hug others: people and animals!