Where and when will the Opening Yoga Session take place?
The Opening Yoga Session will start promptly on Friday February 1st at 8:00am at Kite Beach, Dubai.

Please arrive at 7am to guarantee your place, and make sure to get your complimentary yoga mat.
The session spots will be allocated on a first come first served basis. This is a mass participation session, we expect over 2,500 yogis so please expect crowds.

How do I attend the classes?
You can book from over 55 classes. Registration is now open, however please stay tuned to our social media accounts for updates as some minor changes to the classes might take place.

Are there parking spots booked for XYoga Dubai Festival attendees?
Although there are public parking spaces at Kite Beach, please note that we are expecting a large number of visitors and we highly recommend you take a taxi, car pool or cycle your way to the event!

How do I arrive to the Main Yoga Session?
Walk along Kite Beach, just in front of Al Manara Mosque. You can find the exact location here

Is there an area for children?
Yes we have a dedicated kid’s area, XPark Jr area, with activities including free play area, colouring, arts and crafts, sand art, kite flying.

How early am I expected to arrive at the venue in order to ensure a good spot for my session?
For the Opening Yoga Session participants should arrive at 7am. Please make sure that you’ve registered beforehand.

For all other sessions please arrive at least 20 minutes prior to the session start time. Late arrivals will not be accommodated, and unclaimed spots will go to walk-in attendees 10 minutes prior to each session. Again, to ensure that you have a spot, please make sure that you register online for the session(s) you want to attend.

What is the dress code for the XYoga Dubai Festival?
Wear comfortable, modest active wear. Although it is at the beach, please be mindful of the UAE’s culture as beach wear is not allowed during any session. We do however recommend you come in slippers or sandals.

Are sessions at the festival of mixed gender?
The Festival caters to Dubai’s diverse population and so all sessions are mixed, with the exception of sessions highlighted as Ladies Only which will take place at the XDubai Studio.

What language are the sessions conducted in?
All sessions at XYoga Dubai festival are conducted in English. We are however offering an Arabic yoga session. Please check the schedule for more details.

Will I be provided with a yoga mat for the sessions?

A limited number of Yoga mats will be provided by XYoga Dubai for the 8:00am Opening Session only, so be sure to arrive early. These mats are yours to keep after the Opening Yoga Session. Not only are these XYoga Dubai mats slip resistant to enhance your  attendee. However, for all other sessions please make sure you bring your own mats as mats will not be provided.

Is the event being filmed and photographed?
Please be aware that XYoga Dubai will be filmed and photographed for press and promotional purposes. By entering the venue you consent to having your photo taken by XDubai at any time whilst at the festival and XDubai reserve the right to use these for promotional purposes.

How can I know all of the latest information about XYoga Dubai?
Follow @XYogaDubai on Instagram and Facebook for the latest information. We would love to see your social media posts from the festival, please use the hashtag #XYoga to join the conversation.

How can media register for the event
For any media enquiries please contact
All media and photographers must be registered. Unregistered professional cameras will not be permitted into the venue.